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A number of staple crops are today quite commonplace in much of the world and feed much of today’s population. These staple crops of today originated in different areas and in different parts of the world before spreading throughout the rest of the globe. TWheat was probably the easiest cereal to have been grown and most likely was a hybrid of wild grasses rather than a single wild grass. It is known to have been cultivated by Mediterranean civilizations 10,000 years ago and was being used as a primary ingredient in baked goods in Mesopotamia as early as 8000 BC. Beans are diverse family of plants that have been cultivated for 8000 years. Certain types of Beans such as mung and soy, were first cultivated in Asia, while other types of Beans, such as string and Lima, as thought to have originated in the Americans. Other crops that originated in the Americans are potatoes and maize, a relative of corn, maize was used extensively beginning around 5000 BC in civilizations in what is today, Mexico, while the cultivation of the potato developed in civilizations in the Andes at least as early as 100 BC. Maize and Potatoes were staples of the diets of their respective cultures long before they were introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century by European Explorers who had discovered them in the America. The cultivation of rice is not as old as the cultivation of wheat, maize and beans. Rice was first known to have been cultivated in India around 3000 BC. From there, it later spread to China, Japan, and various countries in Southeast Asia, which are today major producers of the crop.

  How the information in the passage organized

  What is the topic of the fifth paragraph?

  Which of the following best expresses the subject of the passage?

  Which Paragraph discusses crops that originated in the Americans?

  Which paragraph describes the first of the cultivated crops?

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