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Choose the most suitable heading from the following paragraph

Sydney is home to nearly 4.9 million people (as of 2010). The suburbs reach out from the city center and harbor some 55 km to the north, 35 m to the west, and 30 km to the south, creating a metropolitan area of about 3000 square kilometers. The 57 square kilometer harbor is one of the largest in the world, and famous for the unmistakable 134 meter high arch of the Harbor Bridge and the graceful sails of the opera House. It is a busy Gate way with ferries, freighters, hydrofoils and pleasure craft.



Work on your resume
The importance of a well presented, accurate and comprehensive resume cannot be overemphasized. Creating and composing a professional document is essential, but not everyone has specific experience about what and what not to include nor he requisite design skills. To show yourself in your best light, pay someone to perform this task for you. A quality resume can be worth hundred times what you spend on it.

It is not possible to__________ the need for a quality Resume


Fill in the Blanks

Date: September 25th RE: Updated health and fitness policy
From: Jack Zeno, Ceo
It has come to my attention that existing company policy guidelines regarding the fitness level of our employees are not being followed by all staff. As you are aware, it is a condition of your employment- working for the top Health & Lifestyle Company in the country- that your level of health and fitness be continually monitored by our in house medical practitioners and maintained by our personal trainers. As of December Ist, it will be no longer be excusable for any staff member under 60 years of age to avoid Monday Morning gym classes without a medical examination.

Company Policy will change as of December Ist. Not all of Brandon Webb’s Employees are currently maintaining their______________


Choose the most suitable heading for the following paragraph

Australia has been a proper choice for thousands of international students over many years. Australia’s universities and colleges have become increasingly recognized overseas for their exceptionally high standard. In addition, Australia is conveniently close to South East Africa. (Jakarta, the capital of Australia’s closest Asian neighbor, Indonesia, is only 5506 kilometer from Sydney). Revised entry procedures for overseas students have made it possible for an increasing number to study in Australia. Sydney, the largest Australian city, is the principal port of call for international airlines with services operating in Australia.


Choose the correct letter from A- D (MCQ)

Use a job search agency to get the best jobs (you should not have to pay up front for this- or usually at all, since a commission is obtained later from your employer. Per use ads online and in the daily papers, both local and statewide. Contact companies direct, and make it known that your talents are for hire. Social media websites, including Twitter and Facebook can help. Ask us how.

Paying a Job agency is?

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