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Providing fill in the blanks

  ____________________ funnel clouds, are also called cyclones, twisters, or water spouts.

  A fuel cell is a device __________ chemical energy to electrical energy.

  Windansea Beach is the place where may of suffering pioneers honed their skins before __________ the big waves of Hawaii.

  Government economic analysts are concern about __________ to the economy if prices were to rise so quickly that they devaluate the money supply.

  Even identical twins __________ fingerprints.

  During an introduction, __________ helpful to say something interesting and polite to make the conversion easier.

  Nearly 100 years ago, doctors in the United States started recommending peanut butter as a good source of protein, yet nobody __________ who invented it.

  The new electric cars run partially on fee energy __________ installed at businesses have no means by which to measure or bill for the electricity used.

  When __________ in the early 1940s, the Sun’s corona was found to be a baffling 2.7 million degrees Farenheit.

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