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Certified Sales and Marketing Training Dubai


Course Content

Business Communication   (4 hours)

  • Oral and Written Communication Essentials
  • Internal and External Modes and Styles of Communication
  • Dos and Don’ts Of Business Communication
  • Learn Verbal and Non Verbal Communication Attributes
  • Business Etiquettes

Selling techniques Essentials   (6 hours)

  • Know your Sales Cycle – Start to End
  • Selling Skills and Four P’s interlinked
  • Develop Key traits of Successful Sales
  • Communication and Team Skills from Selling Perspective

Sales Planning and Analysis    (4 hours)

  • Defining your Sales
  • Techniques to identify Sales potential
  • Traits to approach your Sales Potential
  • Ways build your Sales Forecast
  • Capsule to achieve your Sales forecast

Marketing Activities and Budget Planning    (4 hours)

  • Marketing Tools and Its impact
  • Designing your Marketing Plan and Key Factors
  • How to budget your Market Plan and Reach
  • Evaluation Techniques for your Marketing Activity

MS Office and Presentation Skills   (2 hours)

  • MS Word MS Excel Essentials – You should not ignore
  • MS PPT- Complete knowhow to excel in your business presentations and projections
  • Resume Writing Skills

Customer Relationship Management  (4 hours)

  • Who are your customers
  • Building Customer Relationship
  • Customer Engagement Traits

Negotiation Skills  (2 hours)

  • Business Perspective to Negotiation
  • Develop Basic Skills to start Negotiating
  • Dos and Don’ts of effective Negotiator

Networking and Business Ethics  (2 hours)

  • Importance and Tricks to build your Network
  • Know Business Ethics and Leads

Basics of Digital Marketing    (4 hours)

Role Play/ mock   (4 hours)

GD & PI    (2 hours)





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