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Arabic for Non-Native speakers

Learn Arabic with Easy Learn Training Institute-

Are you looking for quality courses, provided by Experienced and Professional teachers, with Flexible timings? We have what you need!!
If you want to learn to speak Arabic, our Arabic classes are ideal for adult learners to enjoy a practical and social experience while you learn Arabic language and culture.
Learn Arabic in the 'smart and easy way' in Dubai with the EasyLearn Training Institute.
This Arabic course is a beginners and Intermediate Arabic course and no prior knowledge of the Arabic language is required. Modern Standard Arabic or Literary Arabic is the standardized and literary variety of Arabic used in writing and in most formal speech.
Arabic is the official language of 27 countries and is spoken by more than 300 million people world-wide, the third most after English and French. Participants learn the basics of the language including the numbers, gender and greetings, while introducing some basic elements of Arabic writing. The course follows the recommended textbook to allow easy reference and practice between sessions.

Course Content

Below are the some topics we cover in our Arabic course:

•Letters – alif, baa, taa, and thaa
•Short vowels - ‘fatHa’, ‘damma’, and 'kasra'
•Long vowels – aa, uu, ii
•Connecting and non-connecting letters
•Jiim, haa, khaa, waaw, and yaa
•Short vowels - 'sukoon'
•Hamza, daal, raa, zaay, siin,shiin, saad, daad
•The 'Shadda'
•Taa, Dhaa, A’ayn, ghayn, faa, qaaf, kaaf, laam
•The 'laam alif'
•Miim, nuun, and haa
•The 'alif laam'
•The 'dagger alif'
•Numbers 1-10
•Writing one letter particles
•Using the dictionary
• ‘Hadritak’ and 'Hadritik
•Meeting people
•Addressing people
•‘ItfaDaal’ and 'ItfaDaali'
•Expressing feelings
•Visiting people
This Arabic course is delivered as interactive workshops where active participation is encouraged.
Learning Arabic – or any language, for that matter – takes time and effort. We make the learning a lot easier by providing you:
•Conversation oriented training program from beginner to advanced level.
•Highly experienced and engaging native Arabic Trainers to provide guidance and motivation.
•Course material in English and Arabic with supporting CDs to practice in your free time.
•A pleasant learning environment and convenient schedules on weekdays and weekends.
•Private, semi-private and group classes available

So Don’t wait another day – start learning Arabic today!!

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