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  • CELPIP is a computer based English proficiency test designated by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for permanent resident status in Canada and Canadian Citizenship
  • There are two versions of test- CELPIP General Test and CELPIP General LS Test.
  • CELPIP General Test is for Canadian Citizenship and CELPIP General LS Test is for permanent resident status in Canada.
  • CELPIP General Test assesses functional Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, whereas CELPIP- General LS Test assesses functional Listening and Speaking proficiency.
  • Maximum Time for CELPIP General is 3 hours, and Maximum Time for CELPIP General LS is 1 hour 10 minutes
  • CELPIP Results are available in eight business days, and in express rating- it would be available in three days.
  • It is administered by Paragon, a subsidiary of University of British Columbia.
  • The CELPIP Test is available at four countries- Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Sates of America, Philippines
  • As of February 15, 2018, the fee for CELPIP-General Test sittings in Dubai, UAE will be CAD 340.00, and in New York, USA will be CAD 285.00.
  • Test Dates are available twice in the month, and that would mostly be on Fridays in Dubai.
  • On Test Day- Documents required for CELPIP General Test is – Passport/ Refugee protection Claimant Document/ Travel Document.
  • On Test Day- Documents required for CELPIP General LS Test is – Passport/Canadian Permanent Resident Card.




Our objective of the CELPIP Training at Easy Learn is that student is–

  •        Able to understand the structure of each module properly
  •        Learning strategies for all kinds of questions
  •        Practicing modules
  •        Able to solve an each CELPIP module efficiently
  •        Score the required points in CELPIP




Part 1


47-55 minutes



55-60 minutes

Part 3


53-60 minutes

Part 4


15-20 minutes



Online Assessment Test


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