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Interpersonal Skills


Course Overview: Develop an ability to adapt their behaviour and approach based on the situation and the response that they get, and they’ll learn how their behaviour affects others when they communicate and how best to overcome barriers to effective communication.


Course Objectives:

  •        Describe interpersonal skills and behaviour cycles
  •        Apply the concepts of transactional analysis
  •        Use language patterns to show positivity
  •        Build rapport to help build positive relationships
  •        Use the principles of persuasion to influence others

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction, Objectives and Expectations

Module 2; Attitudes and Behavior

Module 3: The Definitions

Module 4: Transactional Analysis-an Introduction

Module 5: The Ego States

Module 6: Types of Transaction

Module 7: Languages

Module 8: Rapport

Module 9: Kipling Questions

Module 10: Strokes

Module 11: Essential Influencing Skills

Module 12: The principles of persuasion

Module 13: Summary and Action Plan

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