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Business Problem Solving Training Dubai

Course Overview

Develop Critical thinking Skills, fundamentals of problem solving, and learn how to use problem solving techniques in a team environment.


Course Objectives

Work through the problem-solving process of identifying the problem, generating and implementing a solution, and confirming the elimination of the problem.

Use different critical thinking and information analysis skills such as reasoning, logic, quantitative analysis, and qualitative analysis.

Create and manage problem-solving teams by knowing how to conduct effective meetings and motivate team members.

Identify problem-solving techniques in the corporate world by identifying the necessary skills of a problem solver and knowing about different corporate cultures.

Define the basic problem-solving approaches to effectively identify, manage, and solve problems.


Course Outline

Module 1: Problem solving Basics

  •   Fundamentals of problem solving
  •   Discussing problem solving
  •   Handling problems
  •   Identifying problems
  •   Effective problem-solving approaches
  •   Discussing effective problem-solving approaches


Module 2:  Problem solving in the corporate world

  •   Problem solvers
  •   Identifying problem solvers and their skills
  •   The corporate problem-solving culture
  •   Identifying the corporate culture


Module 3:Problem-solving process

  •   Identifying problems
  •   Analyzing the situation
  •   Gathering information
  •   Identifying solution criteria
  •   Committing to a solution
  •   Generating solutions
  •   Choosing the best solution
  •   Implementing a solution
  •   Confirming problem elimination
  •   Measuring solution success
  •   Managing solution project
  •   Communicating problem-solving changes


Module 4: Critical thinking and information analysis

  •   Critical thinking
  •   Developing reasoning skills
  •   Developing logic skills
  •   Quantitative analysis
  •   Discussing quantitative analysis techniques
  •   Examining financial analysis techniques
  •   Discussing forecasting techniques
  •   Qualitative analysis
  •   Discussing qualitative analysis techniques
  •   Thinking creatively in problem solving
  •   Using analogies in problem solving
  •   Discussing mind mapping


Module 5: Problem-solving teams

  •   Managing problem-solving teams
  •   Building a problem-solving team
  •   Conducting team meetings
  •   Driving a successful team
  •   Encouraging team members
  •   Interacting with team members


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