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Renowned Ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali’s best seller ‘the fall of a sparrow’ introduced me to the word ‘migration’during my early middle school days. Humans like Aves too possess a   natural desire to fly around the world to quench their wander thirst or to have better living standards. The metamorphosis of the transportation process, primarily the invention of Airplane by Wright Brothers enriched our desire to migrate across national boundaries. With the advancement in rocket technology, an excursion to the outer space, against the gravitational pull of the earth is quite possible these days.

During the 20th century, most people migrated either to Europe, North America or to Australia; however, with the advent of Globalization and Free Market economy, migration across the world has become quite easier. Subsequent to Britain’s decision to withdraw from the European Union & President Trump’s innovative visa policies UK and US have made their norms more stringent, nevertheless Australia, Canada & New Zealand have kept their doors wide open for the expatriates.

However, these countries have introduced a point based system of entry, and to have higher points an in-depth knowledge of English language is a must, for which the migrants have to prove their proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Various exams like IELTS, TOEFL & PTE are conducted by different institutions in order to ascertain the candidates level.

Migrants may have to learn many intricate skills to get through. We at Easy Learn impart all the required expertise to excel in these tests. Most students have difficulty in pronunciation, we give enough speaking practice to avoid monotone and to be more natural. Moreover, they will learn to communicate properly with rising and falling intonations.

Students will come to know the reason behind the usage ‘a powerful engine’ instead of ‘a strong engine’ in our lessons on collocation. We help the students in enhancing their vocabulary so that they may understand whatflabbergasted or ambidextrous mean. Furthermore, they will learn how to write a compound or a complex sentence with ease.

To inculcate such aptitudes and to learn the exam tips, tricks and strategies, please feel free to visit us for an orientation and join our regular or weekend lessons to have your dreams come true.

People usually migrate for money, comfort, safety and better standards of living. Whichever place you wish to migrate to and for whatsoever the reason, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.



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